Tuesday, February 8, 2011

True Capers….

Man, let’s talk about true Capers. 
I’m talking about getting paid, but not any gun-play type “gangsterism”, that’s 100% against what I’m all about. I’m speaking bout REAL GANGSTAS. First I want to touch on that cat who pulled the Caper in Vegas at the Bellagio. The dude’s name is Anthony Carleo, and he pulled a sweet Caper! He hit up the Cage at the Bellagio. His take was like 1.5 mill, he walked in, walked out with the chips, the black chips, the $25,000.00 chips, and walked out, hopped on a motorcycle. It sounds like a sweet caper,…but it had some flaws. Hear me out. First thing, he grabbed the wrong chips, hell, he in all reality hit the wrong casino, the Bellagio is just too big, they immediately pulled all of the 25k chips, made them useless, so he then, couldn’t sell them, couldn’t trade them, couldn’t cash in, (he did drop one in a Salvation Army Kettle, during Christmas) which proves he has a good heart. But he went up to Colorado, hung out, gambled up there, and was able to get rid of a few, but the caper was realistically over his head. He got busted last week, after selling one of them to an undercover cop. I respect his ambition though….oh yeah, his dad is a Judge…

Lets talk a little bit more about Gambling Capers, Lets talk about the SuperBowl and put an end to the foolishness once and for all. To be direct and to the point, The SuperBowl CANNOT be fixed. What are you gonna do, get close to one of the players, get a millionanire to fumble, throw a pick, nah, not likely, maybe a crooked ref, but these guys are held to some pretty high standards, and it would be tough to find one willing to cross that margin, but….and don’t take this seriously but I’ve heard fools talking about the way to “fix the SuperBowl” is through the caterers…drug the players meals….dumb idea and impossible. If the players don’t get sick, it’s just impossible.

But lets not forget about Tim Donaghy….this guy ran through the NBA, he got caught up with the Gambinos (ahem) rigging games left and right, FEDS got onto him right away and he was done, dude did 15 months, and left all kind of egg on David Stern and the NBA Executive office!

But the Biggest and Best Caper….Im talking about Arnold Rothstein...was when he fixed the World Series….He got ahold of a few players on the 1919 Chicago White Sox, and those dudes threw the game. He stood up to the grand jury, never got indicted and boom, walked away with his loot!
This became known as the BLACK SOX SCANDAL, and this cat lived in infamy, I mean it was 1919, and he was gunned down later for another Gambling scandal, but just the sheer size and boldness of it, truly impresses.
I tip my hat Mr. Rothstein.

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