Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Conspiracy Worldwide

Now I'm going to talk about a very very good show. My man Menace and Montana, put on one of the Dopest Shows ever! Conspiracy World Wide Radio. Now this a show Live and Direct from the UK, and they give it up and keep it as Gangsta as anyone here in the states....hell, more than anyone in the states, the music is ususally on a dark, heavy synth NY type vibe, but the interviews are point blank. Now i want to pull your coat to a dope interview with....Dr. Dre and Denaun Porter out of the Shady/Aftermath camp. You all know Detox is right around the corner, and its truly on, but you've got to check out these cats. It airs live Friday night but the interviews are available in podcast's so you can download or subscribe to them and listen on your own time. Trust me, its well worth it and a very decent show....
Montana Menace, Immortal Technique.....these cats Bring It!

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