Monday, July 2, 2012

Vilma's chess-match with the league....The Saga Continues

I like J. Vilma’s legal strategy, the one he’s using againstt the League in his beef with Goodell….
See last week, Vilma filed another lawsuit against him….(Goodell) in this one, he’s really outing people, “Callin’ EM” out as I say. It’s a pretty slick way to go about things…and on top of that It just might work..
See in his latest suit, he’s throwing out real bombs, all stuff Goodell was trying to keep under the rug.
Now he’s really outing folks, he lays out that THE SAINTS players have been allowed to view less than one percent of the evidence against them, to me that’s huge. One year suspension,  but haven’t been allowed to see the evidence? WTF?
The handwritten notes….hes also saying that the handwritten notes used against the Saints have been altered! Again WTF? Not only that, but here’s the drumroll…by true whistleblower MikeCerullo, the former Defendsive Quality Control coach….
I’ve got a few insights on this cat, and how he did his job (or didn’t do his job)
·         Reports say that he would disappear for days at a time, missed crucial meetings (even during the Super bowl week)
·         He was a quality control assistant, to Defensive coordinator Greg Williams (also suspended Indefinitely)
·         Cerullo complained that his Super bowl Ring, had zircons rather than actual diamonds….(that’s funny)
·         And that he believes that Greg Williams and Coach Sean Payton (suspend for a year) have black balled him from getting another job.
Ill be the first to admit, that I dont know if any of it is true, I do know that Vilma is a bright guy, he’s hired a top notch legal team, and he’s forcing Goodlell to show him the proof.
Maybe it’s a case of throwing stuff against the wall, to see what sticks, but then again, maybe Goodell did the same, thing,…only he didn’t show the suspend folks, what he threw against the wall….

Next move is Goodells…..

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jonathan Vilma....Getting hammered!

Not only is he getting hammered by the League for the Saints Bounty Gate.....That lil chump Nevin Shapiro, and his allegations are popping back up again. That Yahoo report from last summer, of course re-surfaced this afternoon, Shapiro also claimed that Vilma, a Coral Gales High Graduate, and University of Miami graduate BA in Finance, has been effectively suspended from the NFL for one year, as of yesterday May 2nd. is now being hammered again, by those nagging Nevin Shapiro "allegations".
See, last summer, Charles Robinson, from Yahoo Sports, wrote about it  he spent some time with Shapiro and Shapiro is claiming that Vilma was after bounties back at "The U" he went hard after Chris Rix, and pounded the shit out of him, trying to get a five grand bounty that Shapiro put up for "Tha U" Players who were able to knock Rix out of the game. Vilma never got the five grand, but he allegedly received $1000, for a hit and personal foul on Rix.....lets let this die, and Shapiro do his time on his own, without blowing up "Tha U" and piling on to ex Canes.
Tha Reallionnaire.....

Randy Shannon is suing UM over pay

 Randy Shannon filed suit in Miami Dade Circuit Court,see the docs here against the University of Miami, over breach of Contract. UM failed to make payments agreed upon in his contract, after he was terminated, they also failed to pay him the bonus he was due for taking the team to the Sunbowl after the 2010 season. he was terminated after the final game of the season, however the Hurricanes played in the Sunbowl.
Randy has not retained a new head coaching position as of yet, however he has been mentioned as coordinator at several schools and was close to accepting the defensive coordinator position at Maryland under new head coach Randy Edsall, however, Shannons contract prohibited him taking another job in the ACC, it would have affected his buyout from UM,.....with UM breaching the contract anyway, he would have wound up in the same situation.
Pay the Man!
here's a link to the suit....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jacory Harris will be one of the "Throwing Quarterbacks" at the NFL Combine

Last year at the NFL scouting combine, a young guy named T.J. Yates out of North Carolina, was a "throwing quarterback"...The guy that throws to everyone, wide receivers, running backs, even the corner-backs and linebackers....the workhorse so, to speak. He was projected as the twelfth quarterback to be selected, and was actually selected in the fifth round with the 21st pick, by the Houston Texans.....Yates was a "project" expected to learn the system and perhaps be a back-up in a year or two.....T.J. Yates, actually took Houston pretty deep into the playoffs.
Another "Throwing Quarterback" was Tony Romo, Quarterback of Americas Team, the Dallas Cowboys.
This year Jacory Harris of the University of Miami, is one of the Throwing quarterbacks, He was bought in not just to get himself drafted by showing off his skills, but also help out everyone else hoping to get drafted. "You just come in a day early and you just leave later than others" Harris said "You have the opportunity to throw to the running backs, linebackers, DB's, every position. I feel like that's just giving me an extra opportunity to showcase my skills."
Jacory will also work out with the quarterbacks on Sunday going through all the physical tests such as the 40-yard dash and the throwing workout. He'll just be getting some work on the other days , too
and all of that can only be a bonus, and an opportunity for every scout, coach and GM in the NFL to see him up close.