Monday, July 2, 2012

Vilma's chess-match with the league....The Saga Continues

I like J. Vilma’s legal strategy, the one he’s using againstt the League in his beef with Goodell….
See last week, Vilma filed another lawsuit against him….(Goodell) in this one, he’s really outing people, “Callin’ EM” out as I say. It’s a pretty slick way to go about things…and on top of that It just might work..
See in his latest suit, he’s throwing out real bombs, all stuff Goodell was trying to keep under the rug.
Now he’s really outing folks, he lays out that THE SAINTS players have been allowed to view less than one percent of the evidence against them, to me that’s huge. One year suspension,  but haven’t been allowed to see the evidence? WTF?
The handwritten notes….hes also saying that the handwritten notes used against the Saints have been altered! Again WTF? Not only that, but here’s the drumroll…by true whistleblower MikeCerullo, the former Defendsive Quality Control coach….
I’ve got a few insights on this cat, and how he did his job (or didn’t do his job)
·         Reports say that he would disappear for days at a time, missed crucial meetings (even during the Super bowl week)
·         He was a quality control assistant, to Defensive coordinator Greg Williams (also suspended Indefinitely)
·         Cerullo complained that his Super bowl Ring, had zircons rather than actual diamonds….(that’s funny)
·         And that he believes that Greg Williams and Coach Sean Payton (suspend for a year) have black balled him from getting another job.
Ill be the first to admit, that I dont know if any of it is true, I do know that Vilma is a bright guy, he’s hired a top notch legal team, and he’s forcing Goodlell to show him the proof.
Maybe it’s a case of throwing stuff against the wall, to see what sticks, but then again, maybe Goodell did the same, thing,…only he didn’t show the suspend folks, what he threw against the wall….

Next move is Goodells…..

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