Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jonathan Vilma....Getting hammered!

Not only is he getting hammered by the League for the Saints Bounty Gate.....That lil chump Nevin Shapiro, and his allegations are popping back up again. That Yahoo report from last summer, of course re-surfaced this afternoon, Shapiro also claimed that Vilma, a Coral Gales High Graduate, and University of Miami graduate BA in Finance, has been effectively suspended from the NFL for one year, as of yesterday May 2nd. is now being hammered again, by those nagging Nevin Shapiro "allegations".
See, last summer, Charles Robinson, from Yahoo Sports, wrote about it  he spent some time with Shapiro and Shapiro is claiming that Vilma was after bounties back at "The U" he went hard after Chris Rix, and pounded the shit out of him, trying to get a five grand bounty that Shapiro put up for "Tha U" Players who were able to knock Rix out of the game. Vilma never got the five grand, but he allegedly received $1000, for a hit and personal foul on Rix.....lets let this die, and Shapiro do his time on his own, without blowing up "Tha U" and piling on to ex Canes.
Tha Reallionnaire.....

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