Thursday, May 3, 2012

Randy Shannon is suing UM over pay

 Randy Shannon filed suit in Miami Dade Circuit Court,see the docs here against the University of Miami, over breach of Contract. UM failed to make payments agreed upon in his contract, after he was terminated, they also failed to pay him the bonus he was due for taking the team to the Sunbowl after the 2010 season. he was terminated after the final game of the season, however the Hurricanes played in the Sunbowl.
Randy has not retained a new head coaching position as of yet, however he has been mentioned as coordinator at several schools and was close to accepting the defensive coordinator position at Maryland under new head coach Randy Edsall, however, Shannons contract prohibited him taking another job in the ACC, it would have affected his buyout from UM,.....with UM breaching the contract anyway, he would have wound up in the same situation.
Pay the Man!
here's a link to the suit....

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