Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jacory Harris will be one of the "Throwing Quarterbacks" at the NFL Combine

Last year at the NFL scouting combine, a young guy named T.J. Yates out of North Carolina, was a "throwing quarterback"...The guy that throws to everyone, wide receivers, running backs, even the corner-backs and linebackers....the workhorse so, to speak. He was projected as the twelfth quarterback to be selected, and was actually selected in the fifth round with the 21st pick, by the Houston Texans.....Yates was a "project" expected to learn the system and perhaps be a back-up in a year or two.....T.J. Yates, actually took Houston pretty deep into the playoffs.
Another "Throwing Quarterback" was Tony Romo, Quarterback of Americas Team, the Dallas Cowboys.
This year Jacory Harris of the University of Miami, is one of the Throwing quarterbacks, He was bought in not just to get himself drafted by showing off his skills, but also help out everyone else hoping to get drafted. "You just come in a day early and you just leave later than others" Harris said "You have the opportunity to throw to the running backs, linebackers, DB's, every position. I feel like that's just giving me an extra opportunity to showcase my skills."
Jacory will also work out with the quarterbacks on Sunday going through all the physical tests such as the 40-yard dash and the throwing workout. He'll just be getting some work on the other days , too
and all of that can only be a bonus, and an opportunity for every scout, coach and GM in the NFL to see him up close.

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