Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Franchise Tags?...

The Players union is DISPUTING that the franchise tag will be available.
So lets see, the owners won in court last week, they DO get the Television revenue, even if they lock-out that's a total loss for the players,
The players get to keep insurance coverage...COBRA policies
and now Franchise Tags,
Lets face it the owners WILL lock out, and the players WILL cave in pretty quickly...I always thought the owners COULD NOT afford to lock out, but if they get the Television revenue....they will do it, it will bend the players to accept whatever the owners throw to them. 50% of the players cannot afford the lockout, so its only a matter of time, small market teams like Buffalo and Green Bay wouldn't be able to withstand a lockout, but if ESPN is still writing checks, they will somehow make due...

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