Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Of The Storm

I'm ranting tonight, because I'm a little hot. I've got to air some family laundry, but it needs to be said. I've got a bone to pick with my man Randy... Coach Randy Shannon. Yeah my man Randy has crossed the margin. Now I know he was dealing with a lot of bs and politics, but hey he was the Head Football Coach at the prestigious University of Miami. "The U" u hear about them every Monday night during football season, every player black or white proudly speak it ... Joe Blow, safety from The U, John Smith, tight end; The U. So we have some history, we've got National Titles and that means rings! And not to mention Dozens of cats in the NFL. So The U is well represented In The league. Now to continue my beef with Randy goes to recruiting, the lifeblood of Big Time College Football.
Now the word around the campfire is that Randy wasn't handling business here in the "Eye of The Storm" Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. After Randy was fired Teddy Bridgewater(17 year old qb from Northwestern de-committed and signed with Louisville... Louisville (WTF?!!!) a Miami cat in Louisville, whatever!@& good luck and much love up there youngster, but my beef is he's the only qb Miami had targeted! Now...drum-roll please.... The only qb's we have are Jacory (my man) and the youngster Steven Morris. Now Morris is turning out to be a true baller! But Teddy would have been nice to have sitting there waiting in the wings. See Randy got caught up n the politics, he had to make sure his kids graduated and I respect the he'll out of that, but UM didn't win a whole lot in the last few years and that's where your bread is buttered in big time college ball. Let's keep it gangsta here for a minute. Randy's boyz DID NOT get into any trouble and high graduation rate was only second to Stanford. That's real right there and I respect those numbers, but we got blown out by sub par teams, played down to our competition and lost Eye of The Storm recruits to inferior schools. Perfect example Miami's Central high, in the past three years has sent 53 kids to school (college) and 38 of those young men to D-1 schools, how many times has Randy been to Central in that time frame? Once and oh by the way, only one of those young men has gone to UM!
Look, we need to bring the "Swagger" back to the U, and history proves, there are three hotbeds of football recruiting, South Florida, Southern California and Down in Texas. We have Championships right here, they just need to be cultivated and coached up. Randy dropped the ball there.
For real, let me ask you, where was Randy sending his coaches out to Recruit? Iowa and Kansas has players but we've got "Ballers"! We need to bring that swagger back and coach Golden is on the right track, last week, he promised he would not be a stranger here in "The Eye Of The Storm", he said if a kid is a baller were not only going after him, were getting him, he'll wear the "U" o. The side of his helmet,
See Randy was running scared Donna Shallala was on his ass to make sure these kids graduated, now that's important but let's also add, sending kids to the NFL and winning Championships. It's do-able.
Coach Golden has been busy in the five weeks since he's take. The job, he mentioned that all of Florida is vitally important and that we've got to get back to the roots, getting strong here in South Florida, here in our backyard. Again recruit heavy here and you win championships. Randy started out doing it (and no knock on Randy) but let's get back to winning get back to rings and sending kids the league...

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