Friday, February 25, 2011

I need a doctor

No doubt, it’s on for Detox. The Video for I Need A Doctor is out, and to keep it Gangsta…Dre pulled a big one. Went artistic and all, now the big part is he took it waaaaay back. World Class Wrecking Crew, NWA, Eazy E. And Him and Em, kept it classy. He has his family in the video, wife and kids and all, nicely done.
Now some folks are not going to appreciate the song, the beat and all, nah, Dre DID NOT produce this one, Alex Da Kid did it, in fact he did Skylar Grays Album. He's a youngster from the UK, and he's bringing heat, but definitely check the song and the video...
Here's a link for it, now go see what’s up for yourself…

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