Thursday, February 3, 2011

Luv of My Life

Its gonna be a pretty Hot summer, and I'm talking about Music!
My man DJ Quik appears to be coming strong, I just peeped a leak from "The Book of David" his newest Lp 9th album and he hasn't lost a step. Luv of My Life is laced with the synthesizers and strong drums he's known for. A nice flowing track that you can kick back to and just vibe off of....check it out:

Dr. Dre is right there in the wings with the long awaited Detox. this thing is like 12 years in the making and the single KUSH is fire. I had a few "issues" with Akon being on a classic west coast album, but the truth is it Bangs, we may be missing Nate Dogg on there, but the Good doctor will more than compensate....But he's probably the busies Dude in the Game, he just finished a track for a youngster called Raje', this one is THERAPY and the beat just made me shake my head and say, whoa! Dre doing it!
 here's THERAPY:

again, its gonna be a hot summer

The Game is there also....You know hes bringing Heat.of course. He dropped two mix-tapes this week "Purp and Patron" and "The Hangover" this is seriously a cat who doesn't rest or sleep. The Brother keeps us laced with bangers and that's just mix-tapes, he's one of the true artist who consistently goes platinum, but still dropping free mix-tapes and street singles. THE RED ALBUM is dropping on Interscope and Ive been waiting on that for a few months, but he won't disappoint. again....its gonna be a HOT SUMMER!

Tha Reallionnaire

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