Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All about the Swagger

So, let’s start with the good news….According to Coach Al Golden, the Quarterback competition is neck and neck, (I thought Jacory would have had the edge as a senior, he appears to be a bit more polished, but Morris, has the pedigree and he’s keeping Jacory on his toes) Now……the rest

Okay, it's not looking good....But let's be real we're only speaking about ALLEGATIONS...this cat Nevin Shapiro is throwing dirt, hella dirt, major dirt, I mean he's laid it out on over 70 student-athletes, I repeat, STUDENTS. 12 of the guys "alleged" to have received improper benefits from a booster, are current players, but....Coach Al Golden is allowing them to practice until the NCAA says or does otherwise. In fact, they're practicing right now. This guy Nevin, currently incarcerated for all types of financial frauds, pled guilty to running a 930 million ponzi scheme, but what’s with a older guy hanging out with 19 and 20 year olds, throwing them cash, providing access to top shelf restaurants and clubs, taking these guys out on his yacht?&** WTF? this ass-clown is talking about writing a tell all book, why? from Atlanta USP? come on man, the U is in danger of losing, and in the short tem, recruits, then scholarships, and maybe even the football program altogether....he (Nevin) claims he spent millions on the players, but why tell it....what about the University President Shalala...receiving that fat check from this clown.....
Or Basketball Coach Haith (now at Missouri) knowing what transpired….He’s dishing the dirt, and there are quite a few who may be affected, from the University President, to the future first rounder’s, Sean Spence, Ray Ray Armstrong, and a host of others….it doesn’t look good folks, and Coach Golden ran into a buzz saw Monday, with NCAA investigators on campus, and Golden accepting this job a few months ago after randy was fired, and No one whispered in his ear that …there might be a slight and I repeat, SLIGHT problem.
Al, keep the faith and let’s see what we pull out of the hat against Maryland, in just a few short weeks….
And by the way, who’s going to be the starting quarterback?....


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